What we’re watching: Ponies in cardigans, Ode to Joy, high-def Machu Picchu

by Charlie Leocha on February 9, 2013

Scotland has come up with some creative ads to bring tourists to their glens and dales. Ponies in cardigans has created a stir and is oh so cute. Here is a flash mob preforming Ode To Joy. And, enjoy the amazing super-high resolution photo of Machu Picchu. Its detail is amazing — almost like being there.

Oldie but goodie Ode to Joy
An oldie but goodie.

GigaPan of Machu Picchu

Click on the photo. It will take you to the GigaPan page for this Machu Picchu photo. Zoom in on the photo and then scan around. The detail is absolutely amazing, breathtakingly amazing. Enjoy your tour and try looking at some of their other spectacular photos.


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  • James

    Amazing. I’ll check out that site and find some environments to wander around in without becoming exhausted, sunburned or frostbitten.
    But where’s the lost and found department? A man left his head setting on the steps in the distant center left. Seriously, I wonder why his body was photoshopped out and why the editor didn’t finish the job.

  • James

    Okay, I did some reading and found out why the isolated head. It’s a by-product of stitching together the thousands of images. By the way i did find it before I’d explored the thumbnails. Sorry for the dumb questions.

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