What we’re reading: DOT fines foreign airlines, longest airport walks, 777X due by 2020

by Stephanus Surjaputra on August 28, 2012

DOT fines three foreign airlines for violating consumer protection rules

It seems that foreign airlines aren’t immune from the US Department of Transportation’s fines.

Royal Jordanian Airlines violated the rule on full-fare advertising and the rule requiring the disclosure of fees for baggage and was assessed a civil penalty of $70,000. EgyptAir violated rules requiring the disclosure of fees for baggage and the inclusion of assurances in its customer service plan allowing consumers to cancel a reservation without penalty for 24 hours after they book a flight and was assessed a civil penalty of $60,000. Royal Air Maroc violated the rule requiring the disclosure of fees for baggage and was assessed a civil penalty of $60,000.

World’s longest airport walks between entrance and furthest gate in terminal (PHOTOS)

When you’re in a rush to catch your flight, a few feet can seem like a few miles. Huffington Post put together a photo essay showing us which airport has the longest walk between the entrance and the furthest gate in the terminal.

Now insurance company Direct Line has put numbers behind our theories and researched just how long those walks are at airports around the world, airport-int.com reports.

Looking at the distance from a terminal entrance to its farthest gate, Direct Line’s research shows that it’s a whopping two-mile walk at Beijing’s Capital International Terminal 3 from start to finish.

Boeing: 777X by end of decade

Boeing CEO said that the company still plans on delivering the 777X variant by the end of the decade.

A Seattle Times story published Thursday, citing multiple sources, said that move won’t happen this year.

Conner’s statement did not deny that assertion, although he did take issue with the interpretation that there is any slowing of the 777X program.

(Photo: markyharky/Flickr Creative Commons)

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