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by Stephanus Surjaputra on June 14, 2013

New subscription-based airline launches in Burbank

If you travel often between the San Fernando Valley and Silicon Valley, you may want to join the waiting list for SurfAir, a new subscription-based airline that gives you unlimited flights between Bob Hope airport and San Carlos airport.

For a $500 initiation fee and around $1,650 a month, passengers can now fly all they want on the airline’s fleet of Pilatus PC-12 single engine turboprops, each of which is outfitted with six leather seats. The flights are meant to attract business passengers, especially those who work in the technology industry.

Dinner in the Sky celebrates groundbreaking in Las Vegas

Want to have dinner 180 feet above the ground and get a breathtaking view of the Vegas Strip? You’ll be able to do just that this summer.

Dinner in the Sky will suspend diners on two open-air tables, each weighing in at nearly seven tons with seating for up to 22 guests, offering 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding mountains.

Boeing, U.S. FAA defend approval of 787 Dreamliner

Boeing and the FAA told lawmakers that the certification process for the Dreamliner was “quite robust and safe enough.”

The Federal Aviation Administration also said at a hearing on Capitol Hill that it would release results of its review of Boeing’s design, manufacturing and assembly of the 787, a new high-tech jet that uses lithium-ion batteries for backup power. The agency declined to specify a date, but said it would release the review results this summer.

9-year-old girl passes through airport customs with fake unicorn passport

Maybe the customs agent was tired and wasn’t paying attention or (s)he was confused by the official-looking verbiage on the cover of the passport. A 9-year old from South Wales passed through customs at Turkey’s Antalya airport with a toy passport with a picture of a unicorn where a person’s photo would be.

Emily’s passport was technically a novelty item included with her stuffed animal, which was purchased at the Bear Factory retailer…OK, so far, it’s understandable and somewhat official looking. But then, the passport case shows the silhouette of a bear’s head with the words, “Design A Bear” written below in childlike, golden colored scrawl.

(Photo: SurfAir)

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