What we’re reading: Alaska Air takes on SLC, Christmas on the estate, building a better LaGuardia

by Stephanus Surjaputra on December 9, 2013


Two can play at this game: Alaska Air takes on Delta’s Salt Lake City hub

After Delta Air Lines announced a significant expansion into some of Alaska Air’s biggest markets, Alaska decided that “two can play at this game.” The airline announced that it is adding four new routes to Salt Lake City.

To “celebrate the new service” (as the press release put it) Alaska is offering members of its frequent flier program, dubbed Mileage Plan, double miles on all routes. The release noted that members of their plan can earn MVP level status faster than at competing airlines (20,000 vs 25,000).

And it isn’t hard to figure out who that dig is aimed at: Delta Air Lines.

Christmas on the estate: Six grand houses

Want to see what it’s like to have Christmas on an estate? Visit one of these estates to get a glimpse of how the original owners spent it.

Biltmore Estate
Asheville, North Carolina

Widely considered one of the South’s most beloved holiday destinations, the Biltmore attracts visitors from near and far for its seasonal tribute covering practically every inch of the 135,000-square-foot manse and surrounding 8,000 acres.

Building a better LaGuardia

When LaGuardia airport first opened, it was considered a luxury airport and airlines flocked to the new airport. Now, it’s outdated and in need of a major overhaul. Some of these improvements have already started and others are on their way.

Thankfully, the central terminal is not long for this word, and its successor is currently being planned. Replacing a major terminal at a small airport without disrupting operations, however, is a massive undertaking.

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