Domestic fares plunge 9 percent: “biggest quarter-to-quarter drop on record”

by Christopher Elliott on July 30, 2009

All this talk of higher airfares begs for some perspective. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics just released its latest airfare data, which showed a record drop in ticket prices.

The government’s numbers are pretty jaw-dropping: Domestic air fares plummeted 9.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009 from the fourth quarter of 2008, the biggest quarter-to-quarter fall on record.

Here’s the full report.

Here’s a breakdown:

Highest fares

1. Huntsville, Ala. $505
2. Cincinnati $446
3. Grand Rapids, Mich. $418
4. Savannah, Ga. $405
5. Des Moines, Ia. $403

Lowest fares

1. Long Beach, Calif. $207
2. Oakland, Calif. $227
3. Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, Calif. $231
4. Dallas Love, Tex. $231
5. Las Vegas $235

Just a note or two on these numbers. Yes, I am aware that it’s the third quarter. And fares have been creeping upward lately. Still, the first-quarter drop is unprecedented, any way you look at it. And if it happened before, it can happen again.

Like … maybe this fall?

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  • marge

    The airlines are making their profits from the additional $5 to check luggage….:)

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