America’s Scenic Byways Infographic

by Charlie Leocha on May 11, 2013
According to, it is about the journey, not the destination. They created this infographic to demonstrate that there are always scenic tours nearby. Travelers across the country can find beautiful vistas and adventure that surrounds them. Here are a few suggestions.

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  • Chasmosaur

    If you’re flying into MSP and heading to I-94, I-35E or Downtown Saint Paul, you need to take Shepard Road. It’s not overly long, but it is pleasant.

    Head East on Route 5 (the left most lane heading out of the airport).
    After crossing over the Mississippi River, take the exit for Edgcumbe Rd/Shepard Rd/River Rd.
    Stay right (as you come around the bridge support, you’ll see the road forks to the right – stick with it.)
    Make the short merge onto Gannon Road, and get into one of the left turn lanes at the stop light.
    Turn left. Enjoy the lovely river view, low traffic, and relatively view traffic lights!

    If you want to use it on the way back to the airport, I like to get off at White Bear (Exit #245), turn left, go over the overpass, go through the light at Suburban on the other side, and then make the next right onto Burns Avenue.
    Go through the neighborhood and make a left at the next traffic light onto 10/61. Get immediately into the far right lane that funnels you onto Warner Road (Warner is Shepard east/north of the Lafayette Bridge).

    You can bypass the hideously short off-ramp onto 5 by turning off at Davern Road shortly before the off-ramp. (You’ll see an empty industrial park and an aiport off-site parking garage.) Turn left onto 5 at the next light.

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