We’ve been reading a lot about the FCC possibly lifting their ban on inflight cellular services. Ned Levi has written about the prospect of lifting the ban in past columns. In this column Ned has an update about the FCC’s position on the ban, and data from a recent survey released by the FAA concerning European inflight cellphone use.


The FAA will now permit the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) from gate to gate, but is continuing their ban on using them for phone calls while inflight. Ned Levi discusses the new rules for PED use in depth, and the continued ban on passengers using their PEDs to make phone calls while flying.


Train travel is an important mode of travel for many traveling the world, including in the US. Amtrak is the nation’s largest rail system and carries more than 30 million passengers each year. Ned Levi discusses Amtrak and an important and essential change in their New York Penn Station boarding process which should be implemented immediately.


That’s the several million dollar question these days. Airlines are convinced that passengers want WiFi even though the usage rates are far lower than predicted. The Internet providers served up analysis that claimed 70 percent of passengers would log into the Web. But, history is showing far less — more in the 20 percent range.


WiFi is important on airplanes, NYC’s most expensive hotels, SWA flies with door open


The US National Park Service (NPS) is under growing pressure to provide WIFI and cellular services for park visitors, at least, in the developed areas of the national parks, roads, and trailheads. Ned Levi discusses the pros and cons of the NPS installing these services.


Over the last several years in the US, major power outages have occurred due to serious weather activity affecting residents and travelers alike. In many cases, cell phones became “life-lines” for travelers needing rescue and medical assistance during the power outages despite some cellular service interruption, but only if the traveler’s cell phone had a charged battery. Ned Levi discusses methods you can use to keep you phone charged while traveling during a power outage.


J.D. Power and Associates released their 2012 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study last month indicating hotel guest dissatisfaction with Internet access fees which continue to be encountered more at luxury hotels, than other hotels. Ned Levi discusses hotel Internet fees, and if they make sense any longer.


This weekend we take a look at the exploding number of smartphone and tablet thefts. Charging for WiFi access becomes one of the biggest hotel differentiators. And, US Airways has upgraded their coach meals for those willing to pay $20 for a “first-class-style” meal and free wine.


This weekend we take a look at the windfall taxi drivers with automatic tip buttons on their credit card machines are reaping. We note that airlines with the highest fees have the highest profits, in the U.S. and Europe. Finally, experts take a look at the future of inflight WiFi — will it be free?