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two emergency exit incidents, Senator urges airlines to seat families together, showdown at the TSA scanner


Crandall’s view on merger, TSA laughing at body images, hangover recovery

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Are airport scanners nuking you, man wears 70 items of clothing, Air ticket price transparency in Canada

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This weekend we take time to look into one of TSA’s largest contractors being suspected of faking software tests to alter the performance of whole-body scanners. We take a close look at the costs of round-the-world travel and think about changes coming from a looming pilot shortage.


LOT announces 787 routes, Manchester (UK) airport to remove whole-body scanners, US Airways fined $21,000 after accident


New body scanners may be on the way, couple says Continental workers humiliated them, keeping butterflies safe at LAX


Boston Logan upgrading to privacy enhanced body scanners Logan Airport will be upgrading its whole-body scanners that will display “Gumby-like” images rather than the more detailed images currently in use. BOS will end up swapping out all 25 of the airport’s Rapiscan Systems AIT units with L-3 Security ProVision AIT units by the fall. TSA […]

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Delta considers bid for oil refinery to control fuel costs, TSA not always using body scanners efficiently according to GSA, 12 injured when UA flight hits turbulence over Louisiana


Jonathan Corbett, an pro-4th Amendment advocate and the first person in this country to sue the TSA for invasion of privacy, figured out how to go through TSA’s body scanner with a hand-sized metal object concealed in a side pocket of his shirt. He did it repeatedly and even sent the video to TSA for […]


Airlines recruit chefs to make on-board meals, TSA to test airport scanner operators for radiation, where are all the LCCs?