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New year’s eve is tomorrow, and in many locations at the stroke of midnight, fireworks will welcome 2014. Ned Levi gives you his tips for capturing great fireworks images to remember the start of the new year.


We’re in holidays’ mode in the world these days. For some, they’ve received their holiday presents, while for others, they are still to come. Many will be receiving new digital cameras over the holidays to use for travel. Ned Levi discusses the two issues he’s asked about more than any others, about getting great images from digital cameras.


With the Independence Day this week in the US, many locations throughout the nation will have spectacular fireworks shows, a staple of the day. Ned Levi has updated his list of tips to help you capture the fireworks show wherever you’re visiting.

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Winter travel often includes travel to snowy destinations. Ned Levi discusses the challenges of taking photographs in snowy conditions and how to overcome them.


When we travel we certainly see, and often visit churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and other religious shrines. Many are historic, are architectural gems, and contain some of the world’s great artwork. Ned Levi offers suggestions to help you photograph these sacred spaces.