U.S. Transportation Security Administration

Today we go from the depressing to the impressive, from TSA to Audi, from bureaucratic doublespeak to cars that can park themselves. The TSA maneuvers are more important, however, the video of an Audi self-parking automobile will bring a smile to your face.


One of the Transportation Security Administration’s vaunted 20 layers of security has been looking a little porous lately, and the resulting dust-up is calling into question the effectiveness — and the cost-effectiveness — of post-9/11 airport screening.

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This infographic aggregates many of the less-flattering statistics about TSA and highlights the amount of money that is being sent to this agency. We are talking about an agency that has already consumed $60 billion of our national budgets plus, an agency that has grown almost four times as large as it was originally proposed in Congress.


This weekend we examine how to get the most out of all-you-can-eat salad bars from how to make sure you get what you want to piling the most for your money onto your plate. (Watch out! These techniques have been banned by Pizza Hut in China.) Next we take a look at strange items that travelers leave behind in hotel rooms. Finally, TSA reports that this year’s haul of spare change left behind at security checkpoints topped $400,000.