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Many travelers who prefer to do it themselves for simple trips will only call a travel agent for something complicated or exotic. But, in many cases when someone is looking for a special short getaway to a local hotel or resort, a travel agent might be more valuable than they think.


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NORAD goes on Santa Alert with a widespread volunteer effort that goes through Christmas Eve. What about the little gifts that hotels leave every time we visit — those mini-bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash? And, can where you live, ready you for travel? A woman from Boston thinks so.


How many times have you stayed in a hotel and found it to be perfect and satisfy your every whim? Probably not many. Are your expectations realistic? Perhaps yes and maybe no. But, there are specific things that seem to drive people around the bend.


Please post what you expect and want to find when you stay in a hotel. Perhaps some people who work in the hospitality industry will read your responses and take them to heart. We can hope.


There are many reasons why staying in a top hotel can be such a treat. Great beds (and someone to make them for you), fluffy towels, and room service are just a few. While some travelers never use anything but their own shampoos, lotions and soaps, many of us love to try the new brands […]


By now I’m accustomed to all sorts of things that can go wrong in booking a room. The room with a view … of the office building next door. The ‘non-smoking room’ with the tell-tale smoky staleness that my asthmatic husband can sniff out, even if no one else can. (PSSST! Hotels, the non-smoking thing is mainly a benefit for folks more sensitive to such things than managers and maids, so a quick re-labeling won’t work). I’ve encountered mix-ups on how many beds are needed, or what floor or amenities a disabled guest requires.

I recently faced a new problem — no heat. My experience in the Land of Lakes was not just a matter of a missing ‘amenity,’ (heat) but also a matter of the near total indifference with which it was addressed.