gate agents

Ned Levi tells his story of a United Airlines flight leaving Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the US, and the trouble encountered at check-in, security, and gate rescreening. It’s a story of absurdity, surreal circumstances, crazy security, and airline officials gone mad.


How you approach this crazy season not only might help keep your stress level down, it may also increase your chances of getting what you want.


Anyone who’s traveled much over the years has almost certainly been in the situation where weather has resulted in endless lines at the airport. If a widebody flight canceled for mechanical reasons can also easily result in backups at the gate. Lately, even when the problem is a single delay, or a relatively minor problem, the lines get just as endless in a hurry.


Ask any traveler and most will say that one of the most agonizing part of travel delays is getting information. If a gate agent can’t give you information, they may not be the ones to blame, according to a recent report.

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