US Airways flight 1702′s flight was aborted at Philadelphia International Airport last week. Exactly what happened is not yet known, but we can learn much for the way passengers evacuated from the plane, which had one engine spewing smoke during the evacuation. Ned Levi discusses the lessons we can learn by examining the evacuation.


Carnival’s Triumph had a serious fire while at sea in February, 2013, knocking out power, propulsion, sewage and numerous ship’s systems causing health and safety problems for passengers. Ned Levi examines Carnival’s responsibility in light of their statement that passengers’ tickets provide no guarantees for safe, seaworthy vessel or sanitary cruise.


Saturday an Asiana Airlines’ Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Fortunately all but two of the 307 on the flight have survived. Ned Levi has fifteen air crash survival tips for you, if you are unfortunately involved in an airplane mishap.


The US National Park Service (NPS) is under growing pressure to provide WIFI and cellular services for park visitors, at least, in the developed areas of the national parks, roads, and trailheads. Ned Levi discusses the pros and cons of the NPS installing these services.


Heating system may be cause of fire in UAL flight, judge rules for Delta in case against Mesa Air Group, NTSB holds forum for pilots and controllers


Last week Ned discussed airplane crash survival odds, where to sit and what to wear. This week, he focuses on crash survival plans, tactics and techniques.


Catalina Island is making a comeback. Last spring, a contractor on the California island illegally used an open-flame torch to cut some steel cables. A spark set off a grass fire which quickly spread. 4,800 acres of chaparral, grassland and woods, parched by two years of drought, went up like a wad of newspaper.


We may never know if Eder Rojas, the flight attendant on a recent Compass Air flight from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, was trying to bring down the plane or just barbecue it a bit when he set fire to the paper towels in the airplane’s rear lavatory, forcing an emergency landing in Fargo, N.D. What we do know is that his misdeeds are just the latest episode of Stewards Gone Wild.