digital camera

We’re in holidays’ mode in the world these days. For some, they’ve received their holiday presents, while for others, they are still to come. Many will be receiving new digital cameras over the holidays to use for travel. Ned Levi discusses the two issues he’s asked about more than any others, about getting great images from digital cameras.


There are tremendous photographic opportunities while traveling in cold-weather destinations, but the opportunities have challenges you must overcome. Ned Levi has suggestions to help make your travel photographic memories in winter’s cold.


After your plane has landed on Baltra Island, while waiting for the zodiac to take you to your boat, you see sea lions lounging on the dock. You pull out your camera, press the “on” button, and nothing happens. You forgot to charge the battery. Ned Levi has a great list of tips to do before you leave on your trip, so you’re prepared to take great travel photos.


You wouldn’t go anywhere without your camera. Here are two new backpacks that will protect your SLR: Lowepro’s Flipside and Camera Armor’s Seattle Sling.