delayed flights

During delays at airports, especially weather delays, alternative flights are hard to find. Sometimes looking for “departed” flights that are still parked at the jetway can be a good alternative.


While flights have a scheduled departure time, the gate agent will close the door to the plane ten minutes before departure. Which, depending on what side of the door you’re on, can either mean a huge sigh of relief, or a delayed or even ruined trip.


Sometimes the best laid plans of computers, especially when it comes to automated rebookings, don’t work out. A story that unscores the need for humans in the rebooking chain.


While skipping a long line to talk to an agent may sound appealing, here are four times it’s not worth it. It’s not that the automatic program can never find an alternative, but it never hurts to double check when possible and be more pro-active.


Could the pendulum finally be swinging back for airport customer service? Yesterday, I wrote about Delta Airlines actually increasing airport customer service agents. Now. American is making their move.


The airlines have a lot to be thankful about these days. Though airline executives are moaning, airline workers are groaning and passengers are more vocal than ever with their complaints, it could be worse. Here are 12 things that the airlines can be thankful for in 2009. Some issues are good for both the airlines and the passengers, however, it is the passengers who are still getting the short end of the stick.


With all the customer service “enhancements” the airlines like to trot out, one would think more customers would enjoy the travel experience.


Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “All happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Almost the same might be said of on-time and delayed flights. Certainly, there seem to be a million reasons and combination of reasons that conspire to make airlines late.


Airlines love to have customers book on their Web sites. It saves them booking fees, and keeps the passengers from choosing a different carrier. And they love to trumpet lowest fare guarantees and bonus mile offers to that end. But it limits travelers’ options when things go wrong. Many frequent travelers also like booking directly […]


Like Internal Revenue Service agents and Department of Motor vehicle employees, everyone loves to hate airline gate agents. That now includes their bosses.