AA may go back to old tail design, cabin upgrades on Alaska Air, no in-flight calls on Delta, JetBlue, United


Virgin Atlantic to allow cellphone calls in-flight, Virgin America may start Hawaii flights in the near future, Cadillac testing semi-autonomous cars

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Cell phones on airplanes, 25 years of MD-88s at Delta, report unfair airport screeners

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Much has already and will continue to be written about Royal Caribbean’s new mega-ship, the “Oasis of the Seas.” With a capacity of over 6,000 passengers (plus crew), 16 passenger decks, and more bells and whistles than most amusement parks, it’s not a ship that inspires lukewarm feelings.


Ned discusses the latest news about the Customs and Border Patrol’s program to randomly search and seize laptops, digital cameras, cellphones and other electronic devices at the border, without warrants, reasonable suspicion or probable cause, and what travelers can do to protect their privacy and security.