Are airports spending too much on security? Vegas buffets for every budget, is faster airline boarding possible?


Ned Levi reports on the serious problems of airport security in Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport, Discussed are the difficulties of CDG Terminal 1′s security location, problems with their equipment, and serious problems with with their procedures and methodology.


When Frontier Airlines announced they would begin charging for carry-on luggage this summer, Ned Levi’s curiosity was piqued and he decided to look into flying the “ultra-cheap” airlines, Frontier and Spirit, and compare them to US Airways, the dominant airline at his home airport. Take a look at how the comparison worked out.


After encountering an aborted take-off recently, requiring a rebooked fight and a long delay, Ned Levi talked with fellow frequent fliers about what essentials they take into the cabin in their carry-ons for in-flight comfort and to counter delays and problems. Ned discusses those six essentials in this week’s column.


TSA has proposed permitting air travelers to bring pocket knives, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, ski poles and other previously banned items into aircraft cabins. Aviation and law enforcement officials, and members of the flying public are loudly complaining almost solely about pocket knives. Ned Levi examines potential problems with the new policy which few are discussing.


At some airports, theft of luggage from baggage claim areas is literally out of control. Ned Levi has his top 10 tips to help you to successfully retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and prevent thieves from ruining your journey.


Many have heard horror stories about delayed, lost, stolen, missing or damaged checked luggage. Unfortunately, too many travelers exacerbate their checked luggage loss by packing the wrong items in them. Ned Levi discusses what not to pack in your checked luggage. when flying, and why,


Many business travelers are using iPads for entertainment, touring, and some communication when away from home. Many are now trying to decide if they can leave their business laptops at home while traveling and instead use their iPads for work. Ned Levi examines whether or not that’s possible for business travelers, and what hardware and software they might need to accomplish the transition.


During the holiday season, many who rarely travel take to the air to travel to be with family, and families take the chance to vacation while their children are on their winter holiday break from school. This week, Ned Levi has tips on what to do at home before going to the airport to get through TSA airport security during the busy holiday travel period.


Air France is flying with an all-female crew, the ultimate carry-on for kids, ANA may put blinds on Dreamliner’s windows to totally block out light