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Arjun Aiyer receives a surprise bill for an extra $600 after renting a car in Mexico. The company alleges the vehicle was damaged while Aiyer was driving it. But where’s the proof?


Don’t lose it this summer. At least not the way Jennifer and Pat Mangold did when they stayed in the Florida Keys last August.


Something about the $667 repair bill that Enterprise Rent-a-Car recently sent Jerry Bitting looked suspicious to him. The car didn’t look the same and the photos were taken long after he had returned the automobile. Was he being charged for someone else’s damage to the car?


Allen Friedman was surprised to see an extra $215 for insurance and $53 for “roadside assistance” added to his bill – charges Dollar insisted were legitimate because it said he had signed an agreement asking for the additional coverage.


It cost me $27.10 in tolls and fees to make the round trip between the Orlando airport and my home in Winter Springs, Fla., in a rental car last month. If that sounds like a lot of money for a half-hour drive, it should.


Gordon White is 79. Kevin Chang is 24. Both recently tried to rent cars but ran into trouble because of their age.


If you’ve ever been hit with a surprise fee when you rented a car or booked an airline ticket and found yourself saying, “There ought to be a law,” I have some good news for you: There is. Or at least, there could be.

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Pretend, for a minute, that car rental companies are high school students. The average class grade on a recet test is 73 percent, which is a C- and, truth be told, just a point away from a D.


One of the things I like about contributing to this site is that it gives readers an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Yep, even those of us who are mega-miler travelers encounter the same problems that you do. Case in point: my recent car rental from Hertz at BWI airport in Maryland.


Christopher ElliottWhen Paula Robbins picks up her rental car at the airport, an agent tells her not to worry about the small nicks and scratches on the vehicle. But when she returns the car, the company wants her to pay for the damage. What should she do with the $319 bill the company has sent her?