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This Sunday we muse about travel as education as we read an essay about the importance of travel for the family of one of America’s top travel writers. We look at new gourmet choices in coach on long-haul flights. And, Bill McGee, a safety and customer service expert takes a stand on the reopening of the TWA 800 investigation.


Some people live to travel while others travel by their stomachs. If you fall into this category, perhaps the Eurostar’s announcement will cause you to book the high-speed UK, French and Belgium rail. Chef Raymond Blanc, of television fame, has devised new menus to (hopefully) persuade passengers that train food can be gourmet. He’s not […]

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When Seth Kunis booked a Thanksgiving flight on Continental Airlines, it included a snack. It’s a small thing, he admits. But when Continental changed its onboard food program, he felt the airline had reneged on a deal.


Continental to start charging for meals, JetBlue prefers to grow alone, Five obscure gambling destinations

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Continental, the last holdout among major domestic carriers to offer free food in coach, has announced they are going into the business of selling inflight meals.


Holidays can be stressful, and air travel doesn’t make them any easier. Here are seven things to consider before leaving for the airport.


The latest cutting-edge idea from the minds of Sabre Travel Network is something called Attribute Based Shopping. The electronic reservations system unveiled it yesterday at the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit in Los Angeles. But it isn’t necessarily good news for travelers.


Looks like the free ride is over for folks sitting in the front of the plane. Elite-level fliers who have escaped higher fees for everything from checked luggage to seat assignments will have to pay up if they want to chow down on United Airlines this fall.