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Both airlines and the government have been creating more and more misery with long lines and abysmal service and then charging fees for upgrades or to avoid the pain they have created. Have you found yourself in that situation.


This weekend take time to learn about the new low fare airline coming into the transatlantic market. Get the lowdown on the top aviation museums in the world. And, USA Today provides a stunning list of airline fees.


As most travelers know, airline regulation has been a mixed bag for fares. Recently the government has at least stepped in to require airlines at least to be honest in their pricing. But to my mind, the most dishonest part of an airfare is not the fare but the mandatory, and seemingly arbitrary, fuel surcharge.


German-style Christmas markets, new airline fees, Delta to retire last commercial DC-9


The Department of Transportation (DOT) after investigating a consumers formal complaint that American Airlines (AA) was lying to consumers by stating that fuel surcharges were “taxes.” After admitting that their representatives has lied, and promising to retrain their agents, AA was fined $60,000. It appear they are still misrepresenting as before.


Janice Hough has a better idea for which bags the airlines should be extracting fee for. It is not the first checked bag… Do you agree?

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The permutations of different overall prices for airfare grows to astronomical numbers when a family of four books tickets separately and decides to include baggage fees and seat reservation fees in their comparison shopping deliberations across airlines. The system needs to be developed so that consumers who are footing the bill can understand what they are buying and have the ability to comparison shop across airlines.


Most legacy carriers gave up on free food in coach a long time ago, although the onboard options are often less than exciting. They were often a last resort for travelers who don’t have time to buy something more interesting at the airport. So my guess is that these meals and snacks, while not inexpensive, are not a major profit center for the airlines. Now, Delta is testing a new wrinkle — premium meals with premium prices.


We all know how airline fees are going straight up. It’s getting to be an axiom that if an airline can charge a fee, it will. Increasingly, in the “misery loves company department,” the fees are not just for travelers themselves anymore — they are spreading the pain. Airlines have always charged travel agents for […]


Here are seven rules to follow that will lead to a smoother trip when using online booking engines for travel. It’s amazing how much difference a piece of paper can make.