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08-27-2006, 09:50 PM
Bonehead #1:

Even With A Clue They Haven't Got A Clue

An "operating without a clue" bonehead award goes to the Baltimore, Maryland, police who, upon hearing that a gray Cadillac Eldorado was reported stolen, pulled over the driver of a red Cadillac Eldorado, dragged him from the car, arrested him and threw him in jail. They never apparently bothered to check whether he was driving his own car.

Bonus: While he was wasting in jail, the police sold his car.


Bonehead #2:

It's Their Way

A 16-year-old boy, after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle, limped into the nearby Burger King, to get some ice to put onto his injuries.

Fat chance.

He was told he couldn't have a cup of ice unless he paid $1.05 for it. He didn't have the money. Someone else had to pay for it.

Neither the local store nor Burger King corporate will return phone calls to his mother nor the newspaper.

http://www2.townonline.com/newton/localReg...rticleid=560579 (http://www2.townonline.com/newton/localRegional/view.bg?articleid=560579)

Bonehead #3:

Sign Along Route 222 Spells Truck 'TRUKC'


08-28-2006, 08:09 AM
LOL....a long time ago, I worked for a company that manufactured signs and traffic signals. We had an order from the state of PA for 75,000 REDUCED SPEED AHEAD signs.

We sent it to our sign shop and they made the metal signs. They were QCd and sent to our shipping department where they were looked at again. Delivered to the contractor who presumably looked at them in bulk and again when each one was put up along the PA Turnpike. They sat on the side of the road until one smart state senator (sort of oxymoronic don't ya think?) happened to notice that the sign read

I have also seen many markings in the road with the N backwards--these are painted on the physical road. I particularly get a chuckle out of them when they paint SCHOOL ZONE with the N backwards!

08-28-2006, 09:06 AM
My wife used to have a marketing communications company. Once, for a large client, she did a large brochure and, on the back cover, was a message from the company president with him sitting on the edge of his desk....

The night it went to press she showed me the proof as a courtesy. I enjoyed reading it until I got to the president's message where HIS printed name was "Mary" instead of "Marty!" Fortunately, she was able to stop the presses about 30 minutes before they were ready to roll and get it fixed.

It's amazing what can slip through, despite dozens of eyes checking it.

08-28-2006, 09:15 AM
Of course there's also this one:


A good excuse if you get stopped by a police officer for failing to stop:

"Honest, officer. I tried to sotp by I didn't know how to."