View Full Version : Aerospace Companies shipping materials to hotels

08-12-2006, 10:01 AM
My older son has reported to me that his company, along with other aerospace companies in California, are sending personal items, etc. which are liquids and gels to the hotels in the midwest, south and northeast, which their employees use on a regular basis, so they are there waiting for them when they arrive. This way they can still travel with only carry-ons. The hotels have agreed to this arrangement, to store these items at the hotel, as long as the current new rules on carry-on continue. These business understand that regular travel for business is hard enough without making it tougher. They want their employees concentrating on business, not shopping for contact lens solutions, shampoo, soap, and lip gloss.

Many business travelers I know plan to UPS overnight, a box of similar items themselves, to their hotel so they too can continue to avoid check-in luggage. I know I plan to do the same on a business trip later this month, unless the ban is lifted.