View Full Version : Open Letter to All Consumers

06-21-2005, 04:05 PM
This is a potential fraud alert for all travel consumers. ***DO NOT give out your Social Security number under any circumstances to any person or entity that is a seller of travel.*** This past week we had customers flying on United Airlines to Cancun. The United agent at the ticket counter requested the social security numbers of each of the passengers (party of 8 ... grandparents, parents and 4 kids). Unfortunately, our customers complied because the United agent made it seem like they would be denied boarding if they did not. Since they are not veteran travelers (one vacation a year and 2-3 business trips per year), they did not know that this was unusual. They did tell us about it on their return. We contacted United's Agency desk and they confirmed that his is not their policy. An investigation is currently underway becuase of our alert and we are praying that we can protect our client's from this possible breach of security.

If you do not use a bonafide flesh and blood travel agent ... YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Please be careful with the information you give out.