View Full Version : United : LAX - MEL UA839/840 Comments

10-30-2005, 07:59 PM

I see that many people on this site have take these flights.
I have some questions.

I'm seated in the bulkhead row 36F,G and have put in
a reservation for a bassinet (directly attached to the bulkhead).

I've flown this route with Qantas a dozen times but never with
united before. How is the flight and united service?

a) Do these seats which are in economy plus, really
have more leg room given the bulk-head
B) What is the food like (how many meals quality)
c) Flight attendants are okay?
d) Inflight systems (personal or just general TV)
e) Free booze?
f) I'm traveling onto melbourne on 839, do you
board/reboard the plane or just stay on?

I'm travelling with a small child so answers to these
questions will make the 15 hour trip more easy for
everyone on board but particularly me and my partner!

11-04-2005, 10:47 AM
I haven't flown this particular route, but I have flown United's long haul flights before, and I would say they do a pretty good job. The flights I've been on have had sufficient room, and the staff has been more than pleasant and helpful--to the people who were pleasant and respectful to them, that is.

Free booze? Aside from wine with dinner, I've never experienced free booze in coach...business and first class, absolutely, but coach? Never.

For your more specific questions, check with your travel agent or direct with the airlines. They will certainly be able to answer all your questions.