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10-08-2010, 12:47 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that our "Hot Topics" forum area has been reorganized.

The "My Trip" area is now completely about your trips, from Planning (Planning My Trip) to telling us about what happened on your trip and reviewing your hotels, restaurants, tours, ships, planes, etc. (I'm Back, My Trip Review), to showing off your travel photos, from a recent trip, or from your favorites (My Travel Photos), to discussions about your travel accessories, or ones you might like to have (My Travel Accessories).

The posts which had been in this area have been moved to the appropriate forum in the "My Trip" area.

We've added a better and fuller description for the "Travel Security" forum.

The former Travel Gossip area has been renamed to "Travel News, Rumors, Scuttlebutt and Gossip" to better describe its contents.

"What's New" has been transformed into "Consumer Travel Forum Happenings" with two subforums to discuss what's new in the forums (Consumer Traveler Forums News) and to discuss any forum issues or requests (Consumer Traveler Forums Issues & Requests).

The posts from the last 2 years in "What's New" have been moved into this area. The remainder of the posts have been archived from this area.

The "Consumer Attitude Survey," "Consumer Traveler Polls" and the "Post Your Own" forums have been archived, but the posts in them from 2010 and 2009 have been moved to an appropriate forum. These poll areas are unnecessary since members can make a poll in any forum about a subject appropriate for that particular forum.

Let us know what you think of the changes. We hope you'll like them and use the new forums going forward.