View Full Version : INdredibly Happy Camper

08-27-2010, 06:29 PM
My old monitor, a 7 or 8 year old 19" flat screen from Dell was looking mighty sad. It had a "stain" in the monitor (almost like the old image burns) and it was not crisp or clear.

I got a commission check in today and they included an override, so I had some money to spend.

I bought a new LG E-2350 LED HDTV monitor. 23" and WOW--what a difference.

Picked it up at HH Gregg (a new store to us--they bought the old Circuit City stores) for $269.

Apparently the technology is LCD for the most part of the screen and LED "backlighting?" around the edges to really give it tremendous brightness and contrast.

One VERY cool feature I like is the "Dual Web" feature. It is sort of like tiling windows, but somehow the monitor keeps them BOTH active, so if I am copying from one window and pasting in the other, it saves on the hassle of that extra click.

So far two thumbs up and John is a happy camper on a Friday night!