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05-31-2005, 09:30 AM
For my honeymoon in May 2006, I want to fly from Boston to Paris, Paris to Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe to San Juan, PR and then San Juan, PR to Boston - spending roughly 5 days in each destination. Guadeloupe is a place I fell in love with several years ago and have found it very tough to get to this island. There is a direct flight from Paris on Air France to this island. Is it wiser to book this trip in pieces (separate airlines), go to a website like expedia and book the whole trip or go through a travel agent? I have found the total airfare online to be about $1800/person. If I cut out Guadeloupe, airfare is $915/person. I would book a cruise out of San Juan for a week if I skipped it as well.

I guess I am not looking for price differentiation as I am trip reliability. Are there better websites for multiple destination trips? I have heard that booking a trip in reverse may save money as well - meaning for me, to go to San Juan first then to Paris. Has anybody found this to be true?

06-03-2005, 04:35 PM
Which website gave you the $1,800 fare?

I looked up dates in Apr 06 (too early for May) in expedia and the lowest came back as over $2,900. I didn't put the itinerary in point to point though.

The problem is that the PTP (Guadaloupe) to Paris fares are not combinable with the PAR to BOS fares.

However San Juan to Paris fares are combinable with Paris Boston fares.

$982 on AA, several hundred less on other airlines, but I couldn't get the connections to work at first glance.

$208 from BOS to SJU

$423 SJU to PTP roundtrip for a total of $1,613

AA1065 03APR MO BOSSJU 920A 115P

AA5096 08APR SA SJUPTP 1200N 139P

AA5097 13APR TH PTPSJU 210P 359P

AA1488 13APR TH SJUJFK 508P 901P

AA 120 13APR TH JFKCDG 945P 1055A

AA6277 18APR TU CDGZRH 1005A 1125A

AA6212 18APR TU ZRHBOS 100P 320P

terrible schedule, I know, and I'm sure with some work there are better ones. Too early to book May 06, as you can't book more than 330days out.