View Full Version : Saving money

09-19-2005, 01:30 PM
I booked a companion flight on usair. I was able to purchase for almost $800. The next morning I decided to check out leaving from another airport and I was able to purchase a ticket for just over $400. When I went to click on purchase it had a little note under the button saying, you can fly for less on the same day, so I clicked that and I ended up being able to fly for total of $350.00 for 2 tickets, that is what I normally pay for one. I live no where close to a big airport so I dont' often get any sales. Of course I cancelled the previous ticket before booking the 2nd ticket
Does anyone know of any other little tidbits. As you could see, this saved me over $400.00. Hopefully I have helped someone else. To get companion fares I had to click on schedule not price and click on 2 not one for amount of tickets.
Roberta :D