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10-13-2008, 03:53 PM
Chris, Chris, Chris...you must have had a bad weekend. What you are proposing makes Southwest Airlines look like BA's Open Skies Airlines (and the late Eos and MaxJet) by comparison! Flying is bad enough today without turning a 737 into a C-130 cargo flight.

I would be curious about the flight you took that had four FAs. Was that a LCC such as SWA or Frontier with a one-class arrangement, or was it a "legacy" carrier with two classes? If an airline has an FA dedicated to first class, it needs three to look after the other 120-plus in coach.

Besides, the numbers dictated by the FAA are bare-bones minimums for safety purposes. The FAA could care less about how many FAs are required for serving refreshments. If an airline believes it needs a fourth FA to provide good cabin service...hey, I want to fly on that airline! I'll pay a little extra for better service.

Lavs? Ask the guy flying on the plane with the only lav being out-of-order and had to, er, take things into his own hands. Were it me, any passenger rights legislation would require any flight of over one hour have a working lav (with the exception of puddle jumpers). I don't think it's too much to ask for a 737/A320 or larger to have two working toilets (at least one of which is in coach), or an RJ to have one.