View Full Version : Martha Stewart denied UK visa but hopes to visit soon

06-21-2008, 07:24 AM
I would have posted this story yesterday, but I couldn't decide to put it here, or in "Laugh-In," plus I've been laughing so hard, I've had trouble typing.

"Laugh-In" might have been more suitable, as this sound like it's straight out of Rowen and Martin's show.

Anyway, poor Martha Stewart has been denied a UK visa. As reported by CNN, "A representative of the British Borders Agency would not comment on Stewart, saying only that 'we continue to oppose the entry to the UK of individuals where we believe their presence in the United Kingdom is not conducive to the public good or where they have been found guilty of serious criminal offenses abroad.'"

Poor Martha had business meetings set up with various English companies and business leaders, throughout the UK, including several luminaries in the fashion and leisure industry at a meeting at the Royal Academy.

The convicted felon, the guru of lifestyle, who's fans have apparently forgiven her for being a greedy SOB, and perjurer, needs a visa since hers is a business trip, not a tourist visit.

It seems as though the Brits know a criminal when they see one, unlike starry eyed Yankees. Damn, I knew I liked those people.