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01-03-2007, 05:51 AM
This is a great idea for Celebrity. Not only will it enhance the typical shipboard photography Celebrity has always done, but it will enable passengers to easily print their own photographs through the new kiosk system being installed about all Celebrity ships. It will be interesting to see how price competitive they will print passenger's own photos, compared to what is charged by US retailers like Rite Aid and Walmart, among others.

Celebrity Cruises partners with shipboard photo retailer

Cayman Islands-based Image, the largest shipboard photography concessionaire in the cruise industry, has signed an exclusive, long-term agreement to provide photo concession services on all existing Celebrity Cruises ships, as well as the planned Solstice-class newbuilds beginning in 2008, Image announced last week.

Celebrity's new ships will bring the number of ships operating worldwide with Image photo concessions on them to 50.

"We are delighted to add a premium cruise brand like Celebrity to Image's portfolio, and are committed to providing a product and service that exceeds the expectations of Celebrity's discriminating guests," said Brynley Davies, managing director of Image. "We look forward to working with Celebrity on the design of the photo-related areas on its next-generation Solstice-class ships."

Image said it will provide a digital photo system on all Celebrity ships -- including the Celebrity Solstice, set for delivery in fall 2008, and the Celebrity Equinox, to be delivered in summer 2009, as well as a third unnamed Solstice-class vessel to be delivered in 2010 -- with Image's photo kiosks and a wide range of retail products and souvenir DVDs produced on each voyage.

Image said it began working with Celebrity's sister company Royal Caribbean International more than 19 years ago and recently extended its contract with the line for an additional five years...Go to Celebrity Cruises partners with shipboard photo retailer (http://www.travelweekly.com/articles.aspx?articleid=54430) to read the entire article.

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01-03-2007, 05:27 PM
Having worked as a Photographer for Image (Our division was called Cruise Scene Picture Company for Premier Cruise Line) in the late 80's I can assure you the quality will be great, the pricing will be at a premium.

I'm going off on a tangent now. I also worked for the original Cruise Ship Photographer, Bob Harrow. Here is his bio from the website:

"Trans-Ocean Photos, Inc. pioneered the cruise ship photography industry 60 years ago. In 1946, Bob Harrow (who received his photographic training as a reconnaissance photographer in The Queen's Royal Air Force) was working aboard the SS Queen of Bermuda as a Barber. While watching the many happy travelers, he developed a plan to photograph their most memorable moments, develop the photographs in the barbershop, and make the photos available to the guests while they were still enjoying their voyage. The passengers and celebrities alike, were nothing less than thrilled! And thus a new industry was born."

He was quite a character. Here is an example. I had been put on staycation (a vacation you don't return from) from my first cruisehip job (Also Premier Cruise Lines, S.S. Royale) due to hubris and was trying to get back to sea. I was working at a Photo lab near Port Canaveral and was renting a room in Melbourne Beach. I dashed off my resume and called in on my lunch hour to follow up. The first thing he said was "I'm putting you on the Viking Princess in West Palm Beach, I need you to sign on tommorow." I started hemming and hawing, "Can you give me a day or two, I need to give notice, get packed, let my roomate know, etc?" Next thing I know he's screaming "DO YOU WANT THE EFFING JOB OR NOT?" "Yes, Bob, I want the job. Can I call you back in just a bit?" I went back to my job let them know what was up, they were so nice, cut me a check on the spot and I was out the door. Second call, l get get him on the line, he's sweet as pie "Wasn't that easy, I knew you would see things my way?" I packed up my stuff that very evening, changed the oil in my 1970 VW Camper and I was West Palm bound by 3:00AM. Everybody you ran into in old days on ships had a Bob Harrow story. It was great to look at all his old pictures. My favorites were of Grace Kelly on her way to marry Prince Rainier aboard S.S. Constitution.