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  1. Near collision on the runway at JFK
  2. Southwest Pilot
  3. Stranded South Florida-bound passengers take to social media to vent complaints
  4. TSA forced 95 year old grandmother to remove her adult diaper during patdown!
  5. Passenger says photo led to ouster from US Airways flight
  6. United flight * this is really weird!*
  7. Non-Rev Pax and the Exit Row
  8. what is wrong with people??
  9. Government wants to know all the fees airlines charging
  10. Courtesy in the skies is gone, frequent fliers say
  11. Get the luggage to the passenger on time or refund the fee.
  12. Lac of authorization = partial FAA shutdown..
  13. US Airways Captain Escorted From Airport.
  14. Being Nice To Others
  15. Should they throw the (Phone) book at him?
  16. Widow says airplane food killed husband
  17. Make sure you have clothes that fit
  18. Alaska Airlines coming to PHL in June
  19. Direct Air abruptly grounds flights, strands thousands
  20. New US Air Boarding Procedures
  21. US Air gets Aviation Week's Annual Maintenance Award
  22. Oh Please Dear Lord No!
  23. United to buy more than 100 737 MAX's
  24. American management has now committed to exploring a merger with US Airways
  25. Virgin Atlantic to all cell phone use over the Pond
  26. Have you been affected by the Southwest Airlines fiasco?
  27. Frankfurt Questions and Options
  28. Big, big trouble on AA - Passenger seats come unbolted in mid-flight
  29. Delta setting the future of in-flight entertainment?
  30. From AA: This is a time when apologies arenít enough.
  31. Can airlines really offer such itineraries?
  32. Flying through Chicago the day before Thanksgiving
  33. what do you think of this??
  34. Delta Airline nixes willing frequent flier miles
  35. Interesting interview with Doug Parker about US/AA merger
  36. The 787 grounding expect to end Friday, 4/19
  37. $1.99 for coffee and tea on Frontier - What do you think?
  38. French Air Traffic Controller strike to cause have havoc on the Continent tomorrow
  39. Is PHL still as annoying as I remember?
  40. PreCheck worth it?
  41. Airbus cramming more seats into A380
  42. Delta attaching "advertising" to luggage?
  43. Newark Airport AirTrain service temporarily suspended