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  1. They Want to Ban a Book about Book Banning
  2. for Jeanie821 - wrestling
  3. Crayola reinvents itself - need gift ideas?
  4. Flatuence Forces Emergency Landing
  5. Fetus in the freezer???
  6. Is beauty more than skin deep, or perhaps not really there at all?
  7. Smart or Stoopid?
  8. NYC cabbie returns bag of diamond rings
  9. Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  10. I normally would say "Only in America" but...
  11. Desperate for a ride?
  12. Women behind bars: Skittles, Crystal Light as makeup
  13. When you care enough to hit Send
  14. Teen: Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain
  15. Man Gets 2 DUI's in Day From Same Cop
  16. Cucumber-Flavored Soda Sold in Japan
  17. Politician Offended by Landfill Ice Cream
  18. Japan Plans Nursing Home for Dogs
  19. US military pondered love not war
  20. Shoplifter puts steaks down pants, leaves them under car
  21. Whipping therapy cures depression and suicide crises
  22. Only in Japan
  23. Global Warming Explained
  24. I'll have one for the road
  25. Sex game bloke traps modesty in padlock
  26. Those committing suicide will be severely punished...
  27. A must
  28. China Public Restroom Has 1,000 Stalls
  29. Tummy fat 'can grow new breasts'
  30. This Bear's Watching
  31. Man flies 193 miles in lawn chair
  32. Please contribute to the Skunk Funk Fund
  33. N.Y. Bar Serves Bottled Water For $55
  34. Birth Control Goes to the Dogs
  35. Golf balls and gravestones: Cemetery used as a tee-off site
  36. Dog Ice Cream Targets Austrian Canines
  37. The Stud Muffin
  38. Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
  39. Buzzing Undies
  40. reefer madness again???
  41. Only in Japan - F Cup Cookies
  42. Woman Has Pencil Removed From Head
  43. I didn't think my singing was THAT bad
  44. Man Tries to Take Crocs, Snakes on Plane
  45. Tampa, FL sure had an exciting weekend.
  46. Pull over to eat
  47. Bears eat man at beer festival
  48. Man Accidentally Glues Penis to Vacuum Cleaner
  49. The end is in sight: Butt Cam aids shoppers
  50. Study Looks at Cannabis Tourism
  51. John-flushing collie wins talent contest
  52. Phrogging
  53. Camp for those who see dead people
  54. Sound off: Students sent to office for wearing jacket and tie
  55. Fried Foods Rule Texas Fair Contest
  56. Deer's revenge
  57. Are You Authorized to Read This?
  58. SA men steal hearse for pub crawl
  59. Faceball craze hits nation's faces, balls
  60. Woman Ignites Penis
  61. Scientists talk to owls on cell phones
  62. Buffet Worker Stomps Garlic With Boots
  63. Ft. Lupton Judge Punishes Violators With Manilow
  64. Travelers Ask to See Craig Bathroom
  65. Just when you thought you've seen everything
  66. Passenger 'has bath' on plane
  67. Shop thief in lactation attack
  68. Just too bizzarre
  69. Yankees Rookies Dress Up in Oz Costumes
  70. Resort Charges $14,500 for Dessert
  71. Nerds to Auction Themselves to Women
  72. Amazingly realistic models of the space shuttle, Eiffel Tower, and more
  73. Czech Olympic Committee annihilates English language
  74. Outsourcing Hell......
  75. Truth is stranger than fiction
  76. Terrific Shipping Confirmation
  77. Getting into the Halloween Spirit early
  78. Toilet paper wedding gown contest
  79. You know you're addicted to gambling when...
  80. How Old Are You?
  81. This guy is lucky he wasn't a candidate for the Darwin Awards
  82. Another lucky guy
  83. This may be the craziest thing I've ever heard
  84. For all the pet lovers
  85. San Francisco - Birthplace of Tube Fighting
  86. Some Incredible Football
  87. Couple Dead Serious About Selling House
  88. Breast milk ad creates a stir
  89. Mother sent stripper to schoolboy's classroom as birthday treat
  90. Best to Use Tools When Loosening Lug Nut
  91. This is too crazy!
  92. Cows Flee After Seeing McDonald's
  93. Nobody Runs for Mayor, 7 Want to Wrestle
  94. The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World
  95. Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women
  96. Are you or do you know a 'Collector'?
  97. Internet collective buys soccer team
  98. 'Too sexy for Southwest,' but flies just right for Playboy
  99. Daily News Quiz
  100. For the Cat Lover's on this Forum
  101. Woman run down by boar on train tracks
  102. For Sale: Defunct Wisconsin Bridge, $1
  103. Wachovia Bank Tells Man He Owes $211 Trillion
  104. Crandon man bail set for donut truck theft
  105. Court orders Tweety, Mickey to take the stand
  106. Are you happy?
  107. Any former\current band geeks?
  108. Dallas Cowboy fans?
  109. The intelligent bra that takes the jiggling out of jogging
  110. When Travelling Days are Done...
  111. Almost a Darwin Award Nominee
  112. Coach and Christmas Porn
  113. Stupid Patrol I
  114. We wish you a Merry Christmas
  115. 60-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Sues 8-Year-Old Colorado Boy Over Ski Slope Collision
  116. Tiger Escapes. Kills One, Injures Two in SFO
  117. HGTV Dream Home
  118. When common sense goes out the window
  119. Something I never want to do!
  120. Now this is wild...
  121. When You Don't Pay Your Bills...
  122. Need help with the name of a song
  123. You're a Packers Fan, Son. Got It?
  124. Squirrel Appreciation Day
  125. Scots ask US to lift haggis ban
  126. Pet lovers.......I'm so sad.........
  127. My Dad
  128. any experience?
  129. Animal lovers.....
  130. To Deano
  131. Amazing Fountain: The Faucet
  132. It's a new Game: It's BINBALL!
  133. To Byoft: Doggie Pictures
  134. Shoot me now...I have to have a root canal AND a crown!
  135. Dumb Laws from the States
  136. My fellow pet owners
  137. A Sad Day
  138. Here's to New Friends
  139. Monday
  140. Mafia Name Generator
  141. Incompetent beer hijackers spill precious, precious beer
  142. What will Simon Cowell say?
  143. Did anybody else watch the Westminster Dog Show?
  144. The next time...
  145. The Republic of Cascadia
  146. saying hello
  147. "Thee" Pretzel
  148. Any Accountants on here?
  149. I guess he couldn't get any at home
  150. A lad who couldn't keep it in his pants
  151. Preflight Announcement
  152. Thoughts On Marriage
  153. Mo. Lawmaker Touts 'Bud' As State's Beer
  154. NYC Pub Owner Bans `Danny Boy' in March
  155. Need help from human search engines...
  156. Gambling: Who's problem?
  157. In the raw: Body sushi
  158. One bag of Skittles = suspension from school and more?
  159. Late To Work
  160. House for Sale: Non-Earthlings Welcome
  161. Man Tries to Rob Closed Bank in Pa.
  162. Aghhh! I am sick of rain! I am ready to move....
  163. Interesting that Easter is so early
  164. Driver Blames Speeding on Bad Oreo Dunk
  165. Steven Seagull returns to Super 8
  166. Quilt Show Delays Iraq Murder Trial
  167. Reading man falls from roof of his moving minivan, runs naked along bypass
  168. What NOT to do on a job interview...
  169. Relevant Cartoon
  170. Rob Me? No! I Keel Myself.
  171. Police bust party in man's pants
  172. San Rafael driver charged in 'Area 51 mission' gone amok
  173. Ned, today's comic is for you...
  174. Today's UserFriendly Travel Comic
  175. Not the Brightest Thief
  176. Today's UserFriendly - Very Topical
  177. Today's UserFriendly - She's Touching Me!
  178. Dagnab rabbitts....
  179. Pet photo contest
  180. The Daily UF - The thread continues
  181. Pipe down! Brussels slaps a noise order on heart of Scotland
  182. The Daily UF
  183. Today's UserFriendly - You WISH you could do this!
  184. 21 Alternate uses for Vodka
  185. Was woman raped on telephone?
  186. 300-pound inmate complains Ark. jail doesn't feed him well
  187. Two people who should not be married...
  188. Because I feel like posting something positive
  189. Why do they argue with you?
  190. Confusing Service
  191. Country Living
  192. Square Watermelons
  193. Ready to Quit
  194. Look at this!? Made in Japan
  195. The 2008 Darwin Awards
  196. Being last isn't always a bad thing!
  197. Mont. gov. speaks at commencement for class of one
  198. Book Titles.....
  199. For You Guys...
  200. Barely Dressed By The Hard Rock Pool
  201. 101 Year Woman Gets License Renewed Until 2011
  202. Town's Mayor, A Dog, Dies At Age 12
  203. W-d 40
  204. Where Would You Be?
  205. Backside Study (for the ladies)
  206. Watch Out for Cars With "Visualize World Peace" Bumper Stickers
  207. Woman Sues Victoria's Secret Over Thong Injury
  208. Bikinis made men stupid...
  209. Palm Frond Used As Weapon In 'Most Bizarre' Central Fla. Store Robbery
  210. Yet another entry in the stupid crook chronicles
  211. Cops Wake Man at 3 a.m. - "Your Door's Open"
  212. Yanks Thump Sox, Must Read Says CruiseExpert
  213. Geeky couple
  214. Next Generation Popcorn Popper
  215. Job Opening
  216. Drowning 375-Pound Bear Rescued From Gulf Of Mexico
  217. Exercise Invites Mosquito Bites
  218. Woman accused of stealing cat to get back her dog
  219. Ky. woman accused of trading sex for fuel
  220. RIP Max
  221. Political Correctness Gone too Far?
  222. 80 year old Vegas stripper still does it 'classy'
  223. Wisdom
  224. Ned, Have you seen this
  225. The Mayonnaise Jar & 2 Cups of Coffee
  226. Espresso, Extra Bitter
  227. A new threat to your travel picture?
  228. Couple books trip to wrong country online
  229. Man, er, Boy Bites Dog!
  230. Weenie warriors & other non-worries
  231. Birthday Calculator
  232. happy friday - enjoy your weekend!
  233. Stealing a Mascot
  234. Addiction
  235. New Museum in New Orleans
  236. Those Born 1920-1979
  237. If I had $50, why would I need to cash a check for $20?
  238. OOH that's gotta hurt!
  239. Need help with my cousin
  240. Puppy Whisperer
  241. Too Dumb to be a Criminal?
  242. This is not a joke! Or is it?
  243. Is anyone working?
  244. I won a computer
  245. storm a brewin'
  246. Update on Hurricane Ike
  247. Speeding Hamster Overtakes Rush-hour Traffic
  248. In other news, IG Nobel awards are out
  249. New travel rules - when flying, leave the pants at home...
  250. Baby Shark No Fluke