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This list comes from which publishes a regular collection of Top 10 lists. This group of amazing stone carvings is a bit out of the ordinary and sheds light on a different group of sights that can provide a reason to visit out-of-the-way places.


Warning: This petition contains language unsuitable for children, as will, undoubtedly, the entertainment on your next flight.


After a Government Accountability Office study shows that behavior detection is a fraud, the TSA Administrator, John Pistole, defends the program.


Yogurt is not for breakfast. Omelets are for dinner. Espresso after meals. Napkins not in your lap… These, and many other customs, have been part of my Spain dining education over the past eight years. These are a few tips on how to eat like a local when in Barcelona


Nine of the best restaurants in Madrid, Spain, combine sophisticated and varied cuisine with pleasant surroundings. Here, in this gastronomy walk through the city, are presented restaurants worth stopping into for a bite or a complete meal.


When you ask folks who live on an island what drew them to life on a curio of clay, they tend to respond by saying things like, “I can live simply without much interference.” Or “Here I’m part of a community that’s like a big small town.” Or they simply look at you in flip-flop-clad incredulity and ask, “Have you seen my view?”


While known for its pristine beaches, breathtaking national parks, desert oases, urban playgrounds, museums and theme parks, California visitors will find that the best way to see the Golden State is on a family road trip. From north to south or east to west, California offers families a number of fun ways to hit the road this summer.


Call me a dinousaur. I use a travel agent to book all of my flights, my hotels, and my car rentals. Not a travel agency. A real person. I have her email, her mobile number, and her work number. Here’s why.


Everyone likes to save money, but it is especially important in these economic times. The only way many of us will be able to take a vacation this year is if we stick to a strict budget.


Imagine you are in your favorite supermarket, but this time something is different. The overhead index says “Bread – Aisles 2, 5, 8, 11, 15″ and Milk says “Aisles 1, 4, 9, 13, 16″ and so on. The owner has the idea that if he makes it harder for shoppers to compare products and prices, more will buy higher priced items than they might have under the old layout where most comparable products were displayed side by side or very close to each other.