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Will the newly published on-line Paris Metro Etiquette guide make riders more polite? Or, is it simply a way of generating positive PR for the City of Light? For that matter, are subway riders in most be cities rude? Please post what you think.


Do you plan to travel between Paris and Barcelona? If so, there’s a newly launched option for people who want to take the train rather than sitting in airports and in planes. Beginning December 15th, 2013, you’ll be able to travel by a double-decker high speed TGV train between the two cities in just under six-and-a-half hours.


Some people live to travel while others travel by their stomachs. If you fall into this category, perhaps the Eurostar’s announcement will cause you to book the high-speed UK, French and Belgium rail. Chef Raymond Blanc, of television fame, has devised new menus to (hopefully) persuade passengers that train food can be gourmet. He’s not […]

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Because airlines don’t publish dress codes, what’s appropriate is subjective. Not only is freedom of dress at stake, but First Amendment rights come into play. Who should have the final word as to what you (and others) wear?


Remember the days when people used to have matchbooks as souvenirs from hotels and restaurants? Perhaps, that is out of date because in this non-smoking era, it’s increasingly hard to do. So, what’s appropriate to take? What’s not? What have you taken?


Karen Fawcett reports on her recent trip to Vietnam. Her focus this week is about how two people can take the same trip, but see the country so differently, from two different and unique perspectives.


You’ve reached the conclusion that it makes sense to rent an apartment or a home for your upcoming business trip or vacation. You’ll have more space than a hotel room and can eat meals without having to stash the drinks on the window sill or in the closet. You also won’t end up sleeping smelling […]


You’re traveling and think you’ve taken all the precautions. But, what happens if you’re caught off guard, mugged or had your possessions disappear faster than you can say, “One, two, three?” Even the most savvy travelers may have been confronted by this situation.


Vietnam was my destination of choice and my plans were to do and see all — as much as I could squeeze in. Asia presented me with a new set of problems both with planning and with moving around once I landed.


Who wants to be stuck in an airport for hour after hour? But, stuff happens. “How do you make the best of it?” Whether in transit or dealing with a plane that has been delayed, what do you do if you’re forced to spend more than a few hours in an airport?