Laura Townsend Elion

The most frequent flier of all and, perhaps the most famous, is Santa. He has logged more miles that any mortal frequent flier as he zips across the planet and never faces delays caused by snowstorms (in fact he relished them) or bad customer service (who would give Santa a hard time). His world of flying is, shall we say different.

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This is the final segment of Laura Townsend’s treatise on Dealing with Disaster. She has covered everything from tsunamis to terrorism and strikes with useful tips and suggestions. This column focuses on the basics.

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Part 4 of Laura’s treatise on dealing with disasters. In this segment she focuses on manmade disasters with tips on surviving strikes, civil wars, terrorism, political unrest and nuclear disasters.


This is Part 3 of Laura’s treatise on dealing with disasters. In this segment she focuses on natural disasters with tips on surviving hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or tsunami.

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Part 2 of Laura’s treatise on dealing with disasters. In this segment she focuses on the importance of planning ahead and keeping in touch with those who can help in case of emergencies.


Laura Townsend Elion begins a series of suggestions about dealing with travel disasters. After tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and more, travelers should think a bit about each of these issues. This is the first of a four-part series.


When we manage to break computers with easy and face varying levels of computer frustrations under the best of circumstances, it is amazing that the Air France 447 equipment found many leagues under the sea is still useable.


Apparently some talented folks have trained squirrels, lizards and other off-beat animals to assist them. Up until recently, any species could be a service animal, and most have to be accommodated. What’s the strangest service animal you’ve heard of?


Many travelers are in a dilemma these days. They abhor the hassle of TSA policies that have added time, inconvenience and even cost (checked bag fees) to their itineraries. Travel blogs, like this one, have recently been filled with irate travelers swearing they’ll never fly again. But, driving has its hassles, too.


Maybe in the name of all that’s decent and good, ATA and APA could donate that collective $2 million of promised reward money for killing bin Laden to a couple of veteran’s groups. It just sorta feels right.