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Long on-board delays. Perfect fodder for yellow journalists and for government officials looking for easy causes to help with reelection. But they are not the right focus for those hoping to convince government officials to fix our ailing national Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Delta’s decision to continue its practice of serving Coca-Cola products is up in the air, so to speak. Northwest Airlines, which is in the midst of merging with Delta, is the only major airline in the U.S. that currently serves Pepsi products exclusively, presenting Delta with the question of which […]


The U.S. Department of Transportation released its monthly Air Travel Consumer Report yesterday, which covers on-time, lost baggage and complaint data for January 2009. According to the DOT, things got better for travelers. On-time performance inched up a bit, fewer reports of lost baggage were filed and fewer of us found things to complain about.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation released its latest Air Travel Consumer Report (PDF) on Monday, including year-end figures for on-time performance, mishandled baggage and consumer complaints. While many in the blogosphere and on the internet message boards have been busily stewing in their own resentful juices, it seems things got better for travelers without us even noticing.

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After the cameras and the reporters go away, what happens to the survivors or the families of the victims of an airplane crash and who takes care of them? Former airline employee David Burns discusses his experience with post-accident family assistance.


US Airways may never live down the case of the flying pig. But as the sacrificial swine — er, lamb — in that situation, it may have paved the way for better management of service animals in airline travel.


The Department of Transportation released its monthly Air Travel Consumer Report (PDF) Friday, giving us on-time, mishandled baggage and consumer complaint data for September. There have been several news reports on the high-level glamor stuff, but what about the parts of the iceberg under the water?


Today’s “Millennial” generation presents unique challenges for employers. David Burns discusses how airline management may be causing a similar sense of entitlement among passengers.


Every year, the first full week of October is dedicated by Congressional proclamation to customer service “professionals” around the country. David Burns wonders why the travel industry missed it.


I’d better be careful. If I continue my monthly habit of dissecting the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report, I’m going to wind up on the side of those people who are grousing about our country’s lack of a Passengers’ Bill of Rights.