Karen Cummings

Karen Cummings visited Gettysburg right before the celebration of the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s immortal Gettysburg Address, which is Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013. The red, white and blue bunting out in anticipation of the event added a definite air of festivity to the actual town, while the battlefields themselves and the stories behind them gave new meaning to Lincoln’s mere 272 words.


It’s the weekend and time to dream about beautiful and exciting places. View Iceland as time flows (as do Glaciers and lots of water). Take a look at a slide show of beautiful town squares from Peru to Prague. Practice speaking English in Ireland. (Don’t they already speak English there?)


This weekend we take a nostalgic look back at flight attendants, enjoy photos of some of the world’s most dangerous roads and take a look at St. Anton, one of the world’s top ski and snowboard resorts, without its normal covering of snow.


As I listen to or read about the hue and cry over our Second Amendment rights if any new laws or restrictions on “bearing arms” are instituted, I wonder about the relative lack of concern over our Fourth Amendment rights. On one hand, citizens rail against losing one; and on the other, they meekly submit.


My American Express card – a Platinum Delta Sky Miles American Express card to be exact – has come to the rescue with Sky Miles points/miles, companion tickets and first bag checked free, just to name the benefits I’ve used on trips with my daughter and grandson to New York City, San Diego and Washington, D.C., over the past couple of years.


This is part two of Karen’s missive on TSA security. This time we learn how to defensively dress, pack and maneuver through TSA checkpoints. It’s tough when you are considered a terrorist first and an innocent American only after being scanned and frisked.


This is the first part of a two-part article on TSA’s airport security system. Karen Cummings first looks at her philosophical disagreements with TSA procedures and in the next article will deal with her defense against the TSA security machine.


Whether you’re a skier (or a ’boarder) or not, consider heading to a ski resort if you want to join in an all-out New Year’s Eve celebration. Skiing is such a competitive business, resorts pull out all the stops to attract people during the Christmas to New Year’s holiday week and this includes extravagant parties, fantastic entertainers, fun child-focused activities, and spectacular fireworks each New Year’s Eve.


We never know what form in which an angle may appear. But we all know that, when in distress, discovering an angel at airport customer service is a blessing. More than a dozen Delta Airline passengers encountered a small miracle at customer service one day this past week at LaGuardia Airport.


A new leaning tower in Abu Dhabi, business class woes: a humorous look, gin or adultery?