June 2013

Would a hotel jester change the way you look at booking lodging? What about one of these amenities that Wendy Perrin describes? Then come underground with us to see what is happening beneath the street of New York City.


Everyone has heard the staying, “It takes to tango.” In the airline business it takes management working together with labor to create a good atmosphere for customer service and for on-time operations. Unfortunately, ultra-low-cost-carrier Allegiant is on the outs with its flight attendant union. Here are the questions they are raising.


The CEO of Spirit Airlines defends himself against critics. His basic stance is that they sell cheap and no one can expect classy service when the product is cheap. Just like no one would compare Smith and Wollensky’s with McDonald’s — they are two different classes of service. Both fill you up, but they do it with different quality of food, ambiance, amenities and service.


Boeing delivers British Airways’ first 787 Dreamliner The first British Airways 787 departed Paine Field in Everett, Wash., on June 26 and arrived in London at 12:10 pm local time. British Airways has announced that the airline will operate the 787 from Heathrow to Toronto from Sept. 1 and Heathrow to Newark from Oct. 1. […]


Recent revelations of the National Security Agency’s sweeping domestic surveillance programs may have angered many Americans, but for most travelers, it was nothing new.


Margins have airlines selling more ancillaries through agents Travel agents are increasingly able to sell ancillary products, so now some airlines are thinking about giving them compensation. Sabre is currently booking ancillary services for nine airlines, with three more soon to be online and 21 more in the pipeline. Travelport’s Agencia product enables retailers to […]


US Airways is worried about their takeover of American Airlines. They should be. The study prepared for the Consumer Travel Alliance (CTA) on competing overlapping one-stop routes alerted regulators to a possible problem. Now, a new study just released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has shown the competitive overlap is even more severe than anticipated.


Top 10: Airlines with the best economy class cabins in 2013 Jonny Clark, founder of thedesignair.net, shares his top 10 economy class cabins. 10. Porter Porter is an airline that knows how to deliver. A boutique short-haul airline that lives its tagline, ‘Flying Refined’. The airline offers stylish cream leather seats, free food and drink, […]


As I write this post, it’s not a great weather day for San Francisco International Airport — to put it mildly. It’s a cool, very cloudy day, and with the airport’s parallel runway configuration, that means they can only use one runway at a time.


US Airways defends future of Charlotte hub Despite a report from the Government Accountability Office that Miami would be a better hub than Charlotte, US Airways is intent on keeping the hub. US Airways told its employees in a newsletter that the GAO report did not “provide anything to support its assertions about closing hubs.” […]

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