November 2012

This Sunday after Thanksgiving, Ben Franklin’s vision of America finds its way to these pages. The search for an artificial dog nose continues and a doggy version of AirBnB is thrown a $6 million bone.


This weekend we see iPad testing for decompression, take a look at rental car consolidation and what it means for consumers and businesses, and list the 10 airports most likely to spread disease.


Costa Concordia captain says he’s innocent, Thanskgiving down under, world’s largest plane billboard

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To get a different taste of Thanksgiving, plan a visit to one of these four wonderful recreated and restored early-American venues to see how the holiday started and changed over the centuries from the Pilgrims’ original feast until the Industrial Revolution.

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United not liable for 9/11 security lapse, few delays at airports on day before Thanksgiving, surviving Thanksgiving on the road by eating

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Bryan and Fola Nelson were excited about their upcoming five-night Bahamas cruise on the Carnival Fascination. It was to be their last vacation before the birth of their first child. But, it wasn’t to be.


Thanksgiving travel tips, off-duty pilot helps land a 747 in Dublin, Philippine Air lets passengers pay for tickets at 7-Eleven


I know, you’ve asked yourself, “What was I thinking?” But, if you must fly during this Thanksgiving season, here are 8 tips to make it through the flight.

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JetBlue asks for app suggestions, air on planes isn’t safe according to BA pilot, passenger detained at LaGuardia for Spirit Airlines threat


A photographer asked Ned Levi for help after Delta Airlines forced him to check his photographic gear carry-on because the overhead bins were full. His bag arrived with more than $10K of missing and damaged gear. While after writing to Delta’s CEO, the photographer was able to obtain reimbursement for his missing and damaged gear, travelers can’t count on being that fortuitous, and should follow Ned’s basic rules of thumb for flying with valuables and breakables.