September 2012

Flight attendant’s gun goes off in terminal, bill would exempt US airlines from EU emission trading program, United takes delivery of first 787, visiting remote airports


Ignoring massive public opposition, and despite having recently admitted that it is already using the “proposed” forms illegally without approval, the State Department is trying again to get approval for a pair of impossible-to-complete new passport application forms that would, in effect, allow the State Department to deny you a passport simply by choosing to send you either or both of the new “long forms.”


Last week, Ned Levi wrote about making great wildlife photos with long lenses when you travel to view and photograph wildlife in far-flung areas of the world. This week, Ned writes about wildlife travel safety, and has 11 tips to help you stay safe while out viewing wildlife in their native habitat.


Boeing adds cell phone compatibility, ANA orders 11 more 787s, why you might want to avoid American Airlines


This weekend we look at what region causes more flight delays across the nation and the blossoming of fees for hotels, rental cars and airlines. Plus, we examine some cases where rental car insurance might make sense for some travelers.

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The town of Banff is the center of excursions through the Banff National Park. The chachka-lined main street is oriented for a perfect view of the mountains towering over the town. Some of Canada’s top chefs have made this town their home, which has brought Banff’s culinary standards to the top of Canada’s food chain.


Airlines are going out of their way to separate their top customers from the rabble that fills the back of their planes. In the old days, first-class passengers got bigger seats, full meals, free drinks and early boarding. They still do. But, now with new perks the differences are staggering.


Everything about Oktoberfest 2012, Lufthansa’s planning to form a new low cost carrier, dreams of a floating airport in the UK


EU 261 established consumer protections not afforded American air travelers, including compensation for delays, denied boarding and flight cancellations. Airlines have pushed back, interpreting the law as narrowly as possible.

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LOT announces 787 routes, Manchester (UK) airport to remove whole-body scanners, US Airways fined $21,000 after accident