August 2012

Labor Day last-minute road trips, benefit-cost of airport security, Kingfisher Airlines may shut down


NASA has been in the news recently with their forays into travel to Mars. They are enjoying success as this video shows. Next, we hear from a passenger who got stuck with the same assigned seat as another on a transatlantic flight about his unique solution that can’t be repeated these days. And finally, a look at another NASA project closer to home.


A comfy pair of walking shoes was all we needed to explore the intriguing neighborhoods that combine to make Montreal a kaleidoscope of cultures and customs.

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Would a $50 a day all-you-can-drink program make you more, or less, likely to try a “Fun Ship” vacation? Carnival Cruise Lines tests taking the plunge.


Airline frequent flier miles are easy theft targets, man booted from flight for anti-TSA shirt, Qantas drops Boeing 787 order

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Airline fees have reached absurdity, now there is a “Passenger Usage Fee” for simply using a Spirit Airline ticket not purchased from the airline at its ticket counter. I’m sorry, but this is a fee too far; some others agree and have filed a class action suit in federal courts.


Lightning hits empty Southwest plane, ANA announces new 787 flight to San Jose, woman wakes up where she started her flight


Gordon White is 79. Kevin Chang is 24. Both recently tried to rent cars but ran into trouble because of their age.


United’s first 787 takes flight, United expands fare hike, JetBlue fined $90,000 by DOT


Two passengers decided to get off a Qantas Airlines flight when they learned that the airline did not have complimentary first class pajamas in their size available. Do you have other entitled-passenger stories?

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