April 2012

Metro Airport asks travelers’ help to gain Detroit-Dubai air service Detroit Metro Airport is using social media in hopes of getting Detroit-Dubai service from either Emirates or Delta Air Lines. Hoping air traveler pleas will grab airlines’ attention, Metro officials have set up an online petition for service, arguing that the largest Arab-American population outside […]

TSA is moving forward with the PreCheck program and travelers are expected to flock to the trusted traveler systems. What happens when the TSA doesn’t trust you? I could spell trouble.


AMR fires opening shot in court battle American Airlines’ parent company, AMR, wants to abandon union contracts, telling a judge that, “it cannot survive without major concessions from its workforce.” AMR wants to convince Judge Sean Lane not only that it desperately needs labour concessions, but that its unions have unreasonably rejected prior attempts to […]

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Former TSA Administration (Bush Administration) Kip Hawley has written a book plus an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which states, in part, that Airport Security is broken. Hawley outlines what he would do to “fix” TSA. Ned Levi discusses Hawley’s ideas about TSA and airport security, what Hawley considers broken, and okay, and how Hawley proposes to fix airport security problems.


What we’re reading: Frontier moves Houston flight operations to Bush Intercontinental Airport, Jetstar has near crash because pilot was texting, Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

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Something is broken in America. Is it our national character or our sense of right and wrong. In travel, America is moving down the wrong path. Airline bankruptcies pillory their workers and reward ineffective managers. TSA patdowns infuriate and demean the public TSA is supposedly protecting. New laws proposed by sincere politicians who for some reason don’t see Big Brother lurking in their bills to restrict travel for tax issues.


This weekend we take a look at the important changes in privacy of travel records under a new USA/EU agreement. We examine the costs of higher travel taxes and stricter visa regulations. And, finally, the town of Fucking, Austria, votes on whether to change its name.


While it’s been a gradual process, most travelers now know that travel agents need to charge fees to stay in business. But, what should a traveler reasonably expect from a travel agent? Here’s a primer.


Delta flight returns to JFK after bird strike, United/Continental Holdings CFO going to Apple, carriers leaving London Heathrow due to capacity constraints

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Daryl Preston and his wife are flying from San Francisco to Rome this summer, and they have tickets on Lufthansa. Four tickets, to be exact.