February 2012

This weekend we look at a new solar-powered skilift in Switzerland, read about employee suggestions about keeping airplane toilets clean that saved millions and Southwest tops a survey of airlines for customer service.


United’s merger with Continental Airlines merger has been a long time coming. The “final” step, or at least the end of the Continental name, is coming March 3.


Flying people in NYC, Delta Shuttle gets WiFi, SWA mechanics vote down integration agreement, SWA most desired brand


With airlines making the booking process more and more complex; with agencies negotiating varied packages; with travel agents enjoying special relationships with cruise lines, airlines, rental car companies and hotels; dealing with a talented travel agent that knows your preferences and travel proclivities can be an attractive proposition.


Continental name to fade into United next month, a Vegas hotel tell-all, Cunard to offers weddings at sea, 55 787s could have delamination problems

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I don’t scare easily, but nothing puts the fear of God in me like driving on the left-hand side of the road. On a recent visit to Bermuda, while I was taking a pre-dawn walk along a winding road, I nearly collided with a swarm of scooters. Turns out I was facing the wrong direction. In London, despite signs on the pavement warning tourists and absent-minded pedestrians to “look right,” I was almost run over by a bus.


Spirit Airlines can help Las Vegas with new base, travel agents do still exist and serve passengers, AA aims to bolster international routes


Who wants to be stuck in an airport for hour after hour? But, stuff happens. “How do you make the best of it?” Whether in transit or dealing with a plane that has been delayed, what do you do if you’re forced to spend more than a few hours in an airport?


Airline travel, for me, is my off-line sanctuary. I catch up on books I’ve been meaning to read. I can read local newspapers and yes, the occasional junk magazine. What about you?


World’s best airports, Moscow is site for debate about EU’s emissions trading scheme, Pinnacle investigating possibly drunk Delta flight crew