January 2012

We’ve all seen that “great deal” airline ad, only to discover that with surcharges, taxes and fees, the great deal is not-so-great. Starting today, when airline consumers see an advertised price of $500 that will be the price they pay.


Airliner automation — the good and bad, Iberia pilots to strike again, airlines cuts in fuel usage due to costs


If you used a US-issued VISA or MasterCard, or a VISA or MasterCard-branded ATM card, to make purchases or withdraw cash in foreign currency between 1996 and 2006, look for a check like the one below in your mail this week. Mine was delivered yesterday, so yours might have been delivered a few days ago, […]


There is a new regulation coming into effect, “Don’t mislead passengers.” Let’s call it the “truth in advertising” rule. Understandably, the airlines are incensed. Spirit Airlines is leading the charge. How dare the government mandate that they tell the truth. After decades of being allowed to mislead the public and bury taxes and fees in the fine print, being forced to be honest doesn’t come easily.


“I’m 82, and I couldn’t have made it off the ship without help,” she says. Reading about the Concordia crew’s alleged unpreparedness for disaster has made her nervous about her February cruise to the Bahamas on the Carnival Magic. Can she cancel her trip now that she is fearful?


Air Transat disinfected after Cuba flight where passengers became ill, ANA begins 787 long-haul service, Delta diverts polar flights to avoid solar storms

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Six questions travelers should ask themselves before they get started with booking a trip to Hawaii, either when booking themselves with an online booking site or working with a travel agent.


Southwest flights coming to Memphis, LaHood to resign at end of Obama’s first term, US Airways making offer to merge or buy AA


As the death toll mounts, the Costa Concordia tragedy horrifies us more and more, especially since it has become apparent the ship never should have hit the rock which tore a 300 foot hole in its hull, and that more timely and decisive action by the captain and crew of the ship might have prevented […]


Five cruise ship disasters that changed travel, cruise safety revisited, checks ordered on A380 fleet because of wing cracks