September 2011

Providing a clean comfortable bed is fundamental for hotels, but Ned Levi doesn’t think that’s enough in the 21st century. Ned discusses his own hotel needs and peeves, plus those of travelers he knows, and of readers who have written him.


Delta flight lands safely after bird strike, bullfighting ends in Catalonia to standing room only plaza, private jets at public prices on Facebook, man jumps overboard off Carnival

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At the ABA Forum on Air and Space Law held in Montreal, Canada, last week, a speaker presented a chart he had prepared showing the differences in the value of a life based on where the court case is held after an airline disaster. The results are amazing.

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This weekend we take a look at laser-guided travel pods in Heathrow, how shiny shirts confuse TSA scanners and Paris tests virtual gate agents. Go figure.


Elite status in an airline’s frequent flier program can bring many perks, from free checked luggage, to bonus miles, to priority waitlists and upgrades. United Airlines is now changing one of their freqent fliers’ most cherished perks.


United to revamp frequent flyer program, Hyatt to launch Hyatt House, Wynn to change loyalty program

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Known Traveler” is a long way from fruition and has a long way to go before it gets off the ground in any significant way. From who will be included and what TSA security lane they will be allowed to use to what “hassles” passengers will be allowed to avoid, nothing is cast in stone.


Mysterious markings on SWA planes under investigation, bid on eBay for first 787 seats, passenger accused of threatening seatmate over armrest


Baggage fees are so ubiquitous that Southwest, one of the last holdouts, uses their lack of fees as a marketing point. Plus, other carriers market some of their branded credit cards as being a way to save on fees.


Vermont and New Hampshire market their fall foliage as the most brilliant and ahhh-inspiring in the country. And it’s true: New England is a leaf-peeper’s paradise. But nature puts on this spectacular show all across the country. Get out and take a look.