August 2011

Airlines are beginning to allow change fee waivers for flights in the path of Hurricane Irene. The Wall Street Journal has issued the first notice of these changes. Check directly with your airlines to see what waivers are available.


News reports today are filled with stories of Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast. Friends of mine from DC to Maine are bracing for the storm. After last year’s meager storm performance, the news media has been pumping up this particular hurricane and its pending disasters.


Too many churches – not enough time. While I haven’t actually researched the figures, after more than two weeks in Venice I’d be willing to wager that Venice probably has more churches per square kilometer than any other city in Europe, including Rome.

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I confess, while I’m not a nervous traveler, there’s one time when I ALWAYS err on the side of caution, and that’s when flying to a port before a cruise. It doesn’t matter when the ship sails, I want to be there the day before.


Krispy Kreme in London Heathrow, MGM responds to legionnaires disease lawsuit, Boeing 787 to get US Safety ok


Sticky.Molino.nightAt the end of the Giudecca island a massive brick structure, looking almost Germanic, presides over the wide canal looking north towards the tourist heart of Venice. In these remains of one of Europe’s largest flourmills, electricity was introduced to Italy, the first Italian elevators began operation and Venice’s largest hotel and convention venue stands.


For travelers to the Caribbean, fall is a time for fewer crowds and, often, great bargains. Part of the bargain factor is children going back to school. But to be honest, it’s also hurricane season.


The truth about flying for a regional airline, Australia opposes Qantas bid to privatize, new National Geographic app puts world in smartphones


Today we take a look at rules that airlines will have to follow as well, but that only time will tell whether DOT needs more enforcement. I have included the DOT press release content after each subject.


Stung by the traveling public’s disapproval of its one-size-fits-all approach to passenger screening, the Transportation Security Administration last month announced that it would begin testing a new trusted-traveler program. But if you think that the next time you fly, you’ll speed through the security line like it’s 1999, you’ll probably be disappointed.