April 2011

CO lost man’s body in casket shipped from Mexico to Texas, Amtrak turns 40 and plans museum train, animal fat as biofuel? Does that qualify?

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Bullfights. Should they be added to UNESCO’s list of world treasures? Many people in Spain think the tradition should be included. After all, it’s a seminal part of the country’s history. Now, The French Ministry of Culture is backing the proposal and the International Humane Society is up in arms.


For some years, United Airlines has had kiosks in major airport baggage claim areas, where passengers can check the status of their bags. These kiosks don’t make it any more likely that a bag is actually on the right flight, but it does help giving travelers a head up if there’s a problem. Now Delta joins the baggage-tracking club.


737 defect during manufacture by Boeing, One Ocean killer whale show at SeaWorld, Lake Las Vegas coming back after bankruptcy


American Airlines has been in the travel news a great deal recently, not so much for anything going on with their planes, but with how they want their flights booked. Now they are threatening travel agents with a $5.50 segment fee for flights not booked on their system. Another stealth fee for consumers may be coming from AA through travel agents to consumers.


Many travelers assert that TSA doesn’t have the authority to require travelers show their IDs to confirm their identity to TSA in order to be able to fly commercial airlines. Ned Levi has reviewed TSA’s ID requirements and whether or not TSA has the legal authority, explains why he believes they are nothing more than security theater, and don’t make us safer.


New Disney Hawaii resort to open later this year, Yellowstone tours, refurbishing test 747-8Fs in Texas


This weekend we read about deals based on economic misfortune, frequent-flier program woes that don’t seem to be stopping the enthusiasm of members, and mistakes cropping up on online travel sites and why.


I have just one question in the wake of the Transportation Department’s so-called “historic” rulemaking on airline passenger rights.


This trio of videos should bring a smile to even the grumpiest person’s face. They are amazingly well filmed, well directed and tell gripping stories. Plus, they show how emotions and feelings span the globe regardless of political boundaries from Switzerland to Britain to India.

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