May 2010

Hotel reservation systems have come a long way from the early days of computerization. Most travelers and travel agents who booked hotels when the big chains first partnered with the airline reservation systems have at least one or two horror stories. There are still glitches.


The major legacy carriers all announced, seemingly within minutes of each other that they will add surcharges ranging from $10 to $30 for one-way domestic flights on almost every day between June 10 and August 22. Why?


I asked experts to identify the biggest challenges when renting a home. Here’s what they told me.


Build your own Dreamliner with Boeing’s interior mix and match store, Bradley terminal is remodeled at LAX, the future of server-based gaming

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When is a deal not a deal? When the “savings” evaporate with a little research.

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American Airlines (AA) is not waiting to find out whether an agreement will be forthcoming from their current round of negotiations with their flight attendants (FAs). They are training replacement flight attendants and recruiting more.


Most airlines will allow passengers change a return flight once they have departed for their flat change fee, assuming the class of service is available and the flight routing hasn’t changed. If passengers need to change a flight before departure, however, that’s a different story.


The new airfare order with fares, surcharges, fees and variations thereof will mean passengers will have to give airlines, travel agencies, GDSs and search engines even more information than ever before to find the lowest airfare. Privacy, once an afterthought when purchasing a ticket will become an issue.


BA gets go-ahead for alliance with AA, New Florida airport opens, UAL makes emergency landing in Montreal

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Airline consolidation has been taking two tracks. First, airlines are merging. Second, antitrust immunity granted to airline alliances has created an international, government-approved oligopoly that controls 85 percent of the market.