October 2008

It’s the same thing every four years at Tripso: We post a story or two with a political angle just before the presidential election, and just as predictably, the fireworks go off.


Passengers on Cruise West’s “Taste of the Pacific Northwest” voyage not only take a journey on the historic Columbia River, but they get to experience the fastest growing wine region in the world. It’s truly an adventure in wine tasting.


With the announcement of the merger approval between Delta and Northwest, costume changes are coming. With a thankful nod to frugality, the new costumes will be the old Delta uniforms. Guess Delta’s brass learned their lessons from the Kate Spade Song outfits that only managed to push inevitable losses higher than they might have been.

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Perhaps airports should add new services beyond dining and shopping that might help travelers, especially frequent fliers, who don’t have time to get everything done at home. This would be a blessing for road warriors who spend much too much time in airports and vacationers who simply run out of time before having to race to the airport.


On Jan. 20, 2009, I hope to retire my favorite and most popular travel t-shirt. Titled “The American Tourist Apology T-Shirt,” it has those words on the front in six U.N. languages. On the back, in the same languages it simply says. “I am sorry, I know our president is an idiot, I didn’t vote for him.”


So you’ve bought your airline ticket. How much is it going to cost if you check a bag and purchase a meal on board? A new site promises to help. Flying Fees.com allows you to figure out what additional fees you’ll be paying on top of the ticket price.


Hysterical or historical, ghostly spirits make themselves as comfortable in America’s bed-and-breakfasts as living guests do, and not just in the dead of night. No one’s sure if it’s the great breakfasts, the warm hospitality, or the atmosphere of these historic homes, but friendly spirits simply can’t get enough of America’s B&Bs.


When the pilot announces all electronics must be turned off before the plane departs, it’s amazing how many people continue phone conversations, sending text messages or emails as if the world were coming to an end. They must be very important.


American Airlines this week joined the bandwagon of airlines that are cutting off a longtime favorite benefit for frequent fliers: minimum mileage guarantees on all flights. This move saves American Airlines and the other airlines a load of mileage liability.


We have all faced the indignities of passing through TSA security screening. We know the routine — shoes off, belts off, coats off, sweaters off, cell phones out of pockets, computers out of bags, change tossed into a bin. Here’s a bewildered traveler faced with a devious security screener that will bring a smile to your face.